Raw Sugar Shochu Sprits

Amami! & Raw Sugar Shochu Sprits!

Nothing will be able to separate our Wine,
Raw Sugar Shochu Sprits, from the love of Amami.

Amami Raw Sugar Shochu Spirits

In a glass of wine of this sweet smelling and mild tasting is everlasting time that has passed through the Continent and is a history of Amami breathing vividly.
You can call Raw Sweet Shochu Spirits,
Amami Islands themselves.

Wonder of being with nature

    In Amami, Wine meane Raw Sugar Shochu Sprits, and it is called "Se-e" in our dialect with the feeling of friendship. In 10th month of the lunar calendar when the north wind called "Mii-nishi" starts to blow they start to brew. The islands are filled with sweet smell, and people welcome this season with warm hospitality praying good "Se-e" be brewed this year, too......
    The Shochu Spirits having been kept as precious "Water of Life" utter speech of wonder of being with nature.

Origin & Speciality

    Photo Supply: Nishihira Brewery
    Raw Sugar Shochu Spirits About 500 year ago the Spirits were intoroduced from Siam to Okinawa, it is said, and then from Okinawa to Amami Island.
    After going in for several better methods and techniques the present genuine Raw Sugar Shochu Spirits were produced.
    When the amami Islands were restored to Japan from the USA in the year of Showa 28 - 1953, an established fact that the Spirits had been made from raw sugar, which has been Amami's main agricultural product, and been drunk, was valued, so that brewing from raw sugar as material was odmitted by liquar Tax Law only in Amami Islands.
    Amami's Special Product " Raw Sugar shochu Sprits" is a blend of its wild taste and mild savor, and explasively popular now as High Quality Sprituous Liquor.

Raw material of the Sprits; Nutrition & Quality of the Raw Sugar:

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