Amami Islands Certified Eco Tour Guide

What is an Amami Islands Certified Eco Tour Guide? : 

An Amami Islands Certified Eco Tour Guide is authorized by the Amami Islands Eco Tourism Promotional Association. The guides have basic knowledge of eco tours, and have a good understanding of safety management, contribution to environmental preservation, and the nature and culture of the islands.

< Accreditation Criteria >

1. Must be 20 years old or older.
2. In good health and physically fit to work as a tour guide.
3. Must live on the island as a member of the Eco Tour Guide Association.
4. Must belong to the Eco Tour Guide Association of each island, and have worked as a tour guide for at least one year.
5. Must obtain accident insurance and liability insurance.
6. Must have first-aid skills based on the latest information.
7. Must make a contribution to the preservation of the local environment.
8. Must comply with requests to publish information such as profiles.
9. Must complete the certification course about the nature and culture of Amami Islands, guiding techniques, and safety management.

Certified guides can satisfy the above criteria, and provide guests with a safe and high quality experience.

On this web site, we will introduce you to Amami Islands Certified Eco Tour Guides based on their area. Guides are shown based on their residential area. However, the guides can escort you not only to their residential island, but also to other islands in the Amami group of islands.

Contact Information regarding Amami Islands Certified Eco Tour Guide

Amami Islands Eco Tour Guide Association
18-6 Naze-Nagatacho, Amami City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 894-0023
Wide Area Administration Association of Amami Islands, World Heritage Promotion Division
TEL : 0997-52-6032 / FAX : 0997-52-9618

You can find a certified eco tour guide according to their residential area and guiding area. Please check the sub menu.