Residential AreaOkinoerabu Island
Certificate numberEN00047
NameShoko Arikawa
Contact InformationN/A
MessageHello. I am Shoko and I moved to Okinoerabu Island from Tokyo with my family in 2013. I love this southern small island, especially the unique folk culture and history which mixed with Okinawan culture and Japan mainland’s one, language, music, cooking and handicraft such as Bashofu (textile made from banana fiber), vegetable dyeing and bamboo crafts and so on. I am sure Okinoerabu Island is very different from any other Japan mainland holiday destination. In addition to a tour of dynamic panoramic view points, I would like to introduce you the culture and history of this island and recommend an experience tour. I hope my guiding helps your understanding about the culture and history of this island and promote your concern about both Okinoerabu Island and Japan deeper.