Residential AreaYoron Island
Certificate number0040
NameToyo Moto
Contact InformationN/A
MessageHello! What a pleasant opportunity to have you today! My name is Toyo Moto. I was born and brought up in Yoron Island. Having a work experience as a ground service staff and a private English school teacher for twenty- five years, I found a way to challenge and become an English tour guide. As a local English tour guide, I am very proud of my home town. Geographical separation and blessing with mild weather have helped produce a unique culture. The islanders call travelers ”Tabinchu”. Feeling sentiment of travelers, we try to be nice with most possible care. My principle is “People are people”. We are all different, but we are all the same. With this concept, I like to meet people. Islanders and untouched nature interweave a mysterious sense of unity and harmony. Won’t you come and feel it? The endless transparent sea with magnificent pristine beach will all be yours. Thank you.