Residential AreaAmami Oshima Island
Certificate number0046
NameYoko Haraki
MessageMy specialty is English and Communication.  I am a free positive thinker who loves staying in foreign countries. Stayed about 2 years in the U.S. as a university and graduate student. Also stayed for a year and a half in India, and for 1 year in Nepal. Excluding those, I've stayed in more than 26 countries for less than 6 months. As a civil ambassador, I experienced visiting 5 ASEAN countries through a friendship program for promoting peace sponsored by the Prime Minister’s Office. Later, I joined another program by the same office as a group leader and visited several Oceanian countries including Australia and New Zealand in order to deepen mutual understanding between Japan and these countries. Moreover, I joined in a civil peace-making ship program called “Peace Boat” as an interpreter in order to promote world peace by visiting Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and several Oceanian countries and listened to the real stories from those who have experienced war, as well as discussing and exchanging views with them. I have worked as an English teacher, as an English Language Teaching consultant for a worldly known publishing company of England, a translator, an interpreter, a bilingual secretary for world-famous companies. By utilizing my experiences in my career, as well as wisdom acquired by living in foreign cultures, I am sure to serve you wonderful time during your stay as a certified guide. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.